A major flaw in the Android system has come to light, users' phones are feared to be hacked


by Adrees Shafiq 372 Views comments


New York: Google's security team has identified a major flaw in the Android operating system that could lead to smartphone hacking.

According to a report by a foreign news agency, Google's special team, after constant monitoring, found a flaw in the Android operating system. There is a serious weakness that makes it easy for hackers to access any phone.

A Google spokesman said any hacker could gain complete control of any user's phone using an application or browser. Researchers say the security flaw was possibly sold by an Israeli-made spyware company, which led to cyber attacks on users' WhatsApp.

According to experts, the bug was identified on September 27. However, after the deadline given to the Android team expired and the error could not be controlled, it was revealed to the general public so that they can demand the company to secure their phone۔

Google experts also released a list of smartphone models according to which Google Pixel 1, Pixel XL1, Pixel 2XL, Huawei P20, Redmi Five A, Redmi Note, Samsung Galaxy S7, S 8 and S9 devices may be affected.