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Pound hits fresh 37-year low against dollar

"As chancellor, I have pledged to get debt down in the medium term," he added. "However, in the face of a major economic shock, it is absolutely right that the government takes action now to help families and businesses, just as we did during the pan...

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Business energy prices to be cut by half expected levels

Developing more cheap renewables, securing foreign supplies of liquid gas, drilling for more domestic fossil fuels, breaking the link between gas prices and electricity and pushing ahead with hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, and small and large...

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Recession: Is the US heading into an 'ugly' downturn?

The Fed has said it won't hesitate to keep interest rates high, for as long as it takes to drive down inflation. With the US central bank preparing to show it won't flinch in its resolve to lower prices, the process is unlikely to be smooth. If it ra...