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News / BBC - 5 hours ago

Light pollution: wasted energy seen from space

Prof Kelsey Johnson, an astronomer from the University of Virginia, who gave a TED talk about ways to solve the light pollution problem, told BBC News: "We waste tremendous resources on light that goes out into space and doesn't do anyone any good."

News / BBC - 6 hours ago

Covid: Lockdowns return as Europe confronts second wave

Belgium, which has Europe's second-worst infection rate per capita, has reported its highest number of hospital admissions for Covid-19 since a peak on 6 April. There are 5,924 patients in hospital with the virus, 993 of whom are in intensive care. I...

News / BBC - 11 hours ago

End Sars protests: 'I felt I was going to die there'

One week after the Nigerian armed forces shot peaceful anti-police brutality protesters in Lagos, the BBC’s Mayeni Jones spoke to Ephraim, a British-Nigerian activist at the heart of the Lagos protests. Originally from London, Ephraim, witnessed the...