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Technology / Facebook - 4 days ago

5 Steps to Take Your Business to the Next Level

Owning a small business is hard work at any time, let alone right now. In fact, for many owners, the combined impact of the pandemic and the cost of living crisis probably adds up to the most challenging economic circumstances they’ve ever expe...

Technology / Facebook - 1 week ago

Widely Viewed Content Report, Third Quarter 2022

Today, we’re publishing the Widely Viewed Content Report (WVCR) for the third quarter of 2022. This report was created to both provide more transparency about the most-viewed organic content in Feed on Facebook in the US and to hold ourselves a...

Technology / Facebook - 1 week ago

Transparency Report, First Half 2022

Today, we are releasing our latest Transparency Report for the first half of 2022. As always, we strive to be open about the ways we protect users’ privacy, security and access to information online. That’s why we publish biannual transparency...