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Technology / Techcrunch - 1 week ago

Starlink arrives in Antarctica

SpaceX’s Starlink satellite internet service has finally arrived at McMurdo Station on the coast of Antarctica, meaning it is now available — at least nominally — on all seven continents. The National Science Foundation, which funds the U.S. Ant...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 week ago

Ford gives dealers an ultimatum on EV sales

Ford has given dealers in its 3,000-strong network an ultimatum and a deadline: if they want to sell EVs, they’ll need to invest their own money into the endeavor, meet other selling standards and add fast charging at their locations. Dealers wi...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 week ago

Show me the utility!

When will NFTs really live up to their promise? Alex Wilhelm 9 hours Quickly dismissing a nascent technology or tech company is an excellent way to get dunked on in the future. Fro...