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Technology / Techcrunch - 1 day ago

Uber is getting tighter with taxi companies

When Uber launched its ride-hailing service, the company was more pariah than partner to the taxi industry. Some 12 years later, it seems to be the latter. Uber announced Tuesday a multiyear partnership with Los Angeles Yellow Cab and its five p...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 day ago

Bootstrapping is cool once again

Bootstrapping, or funding your own company, has long been the first route many founders take when they set out on their entrepreneurial journey. But it’s not a decision that they have any say in. Often, sources of capital only flow to those with...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 day ago

Tech layoffs are all but a thing of the past

Layoffs in the technology industry have slowed sharply in recent months, bringing the number of jobs lost to tech’s efficiency push to a near stop. According to several services that track layoffs in the tech industry, after reaching a local max...