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Technology / Techcrunch - 1 month ago

Everyone’s talking about tech IPOs again

Now past the halfway mark of the third quarter, we are quickly chewing through 2023. Soon it will be Disrupt season, and then we’ll head straight into the fourth quarter. For tech companies, that means the window to file for an IPO this year is...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 month ago

Customer engagement platform Beamer raises $20M

Beamer, a no-code platform to build tools for measuring and monitoring product engagement, last week announced that it received a $20 million investment from Camber Partners, Beamer’s first outside round of funding. Newly appointed CEO Satya Gan...

Technology / Techcrunch - 1 month ago

The human costs of the AI boom

Jonas CL Valente Contributor If you use apps from world-leading technology companies such as OpenAI, Amazon, Microsoft or Google, there is a big chance you have already consumed services produced by onlin...