'Miracle on South Division Street': A miraculous play in Jerusalem

The latest play, fresh from its off-Broadway run, is Miracle on South Division  ...View More

King Charles enjoys cheeky get-well card from one of his supporters

A video was released to social media of King Charles III receiving many of the cards he's been  ...View More

Wendy Williams speaks out for the first time since dementia, aphasia diagnosis announced

Wendy Williams released her first public statement since it was announced she was diagnosed with pri ...View More

Asking three Israeli artists three questions about their work

Three Israeli artists whom I have chosen to interview for the Magazine, each wi ...View More

Three artists, three questions

Three Israeli artists whom I have chosen to interview for the Magazine, each wi ...View More

Jewish basketball player uses the game he loves to help Israeli children during wartime

Jared Armstrong’s season was about to start on Oct. 7. Now he’s using basketbal ...View More

A private spacecraft en route to the moon: This week in space

A newly discovered subterranean ocean on Saturn's moon, troubles with the Mars rover, and an Israeli ...View More

Irish players stage protest during Israeli anthem at Euro qualifier

Irish U-17 women's soccer team players turn backs as Israeli national anthem plays before Euro 2024  ...View More

Tantalizing twists: how to bake the perfect yogurt marble cake

Refreshing cake, easy to prepare, marbled with raspberry and mango for the whole familiy

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