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Six ways to remain emotionally grounded in wartime

The six techniques detailed below help us to connect with ourselves and with ot ...View More

Nation in trauma: Israelis battle PTSD following October 7 massacre

There are about 16,000 registered psychologists in Israel. Some 5,000 provide s ...View More

Israeli society traumatized since October 7, expert says

October 7 taught us the importance of community support, says Metiv founder Dr. ...View More

High-status connections are good for men, not so great for women

One bright side was that women who explicitly showed that they were forming hig ...View More

New cancer research for personalized care

Israeli researchers lead a study to predict the success of personalized immunot ...View More

European population feels mental health decline as Ukraine-Russia war rages on

There was a collective downturn in mental health on the day of the Russian inva ...View More

Scientists uncover an alternative to condoms and vasectomies without impacting libido

Salk Institute scientists discover new target for reversible, non-hormonal male ...View More

More than half the world faces high measles risk, WHO says

Cases last year were already up 79% to over 300,000, according to WHO data, - t ...View More

Health, Finance ministries support increase in health taxes

The government’s plan to raise the health tax will be aimed at providing NIS 1  ...View More

Around 100,000 Israeli IBD sufferers and too few specialists to treat them

The Knesset Health Committee, which heard of this on Monday, urged the Health M ...View More

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