The app that lets you have a live conversation in any language even if you don’t speak a word of it

Navi, which is built for Apple Vision Pro, is an app that allows users to translate conversations in ...View More

AT&T cell phone outage hits the US: How to use Wi-Fi calling

A cellular outage disrupted service for thousands of AT&T customers Thursday, leaving some devic ...View More

A ransomware reality check as US is a top target of attacks

Kurt “CyberGuy" Knutsson highlights a new report that reveals nearly half of last year's r ...View More

Never fumble through paper instructions ever again with this killer Apple Vision Pro 3D app

Kurt “CyberGuy" Knutsson gives the details on BILT's new app for Apple Vision Pro that pro ...View More

Fox News AI Newsletter: Lizard-like robot could help Navy 'prevent catastrophes'

Stay up to date on the latest AI technology advancements and learn about the challenges and opportun ...View More

Stealthy backdoor Mac malware that can wipe out your files

Kurt “CyberGuy" Knutsson urges Mac users to stay vigilant. This new backdoor malware from a hac ...View More

Israeli visual generative AI co BRIA raises $24m

BRIA allows companies to tailor their visual requirements and let developers seamlessly integrate ge ...View More

How this ex-Apple guy’s AI glasses invention works

Frame glasses are smart glasses with a multimodal AI assistant that can recognize, translate and sea ...View More

Will Apple give up on its foldable iPhone?

Apple faces delays as foldable screens, including those manufactured by Samsung ...View More

Does rice help dry wet electronics? Apple says absolutely not

Using rice to dry a wet smartphone is ineffective and may harm the device, Appl ...View More

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