Upstart Chinese electric car company IM arrives in Israel

Preparing to compete with other electrical auto manufacturers including Tesla, Intelligence in Motio ...View More

How Houthi Red Sea attacks affect Israeli ports

Continuous attacks by Iran-aligned Yemeni rebels sever vital arteries of global economy, compelling  ...View More

From Russia with hate: Online campaign working to foment Israeli division

Have you noticed a surge in hateful, homophobic, racial and derogatory comments in websites dealing  ...View More

AI generates cultural diversity, sparks outrage by rewriting history

Google tried to compensate for cultural biases and instructed its AI bot, Gemini, to maintain cultur ...View More

Team 3 Group wins bid to connect Israel's north with groundbreaking light rail project

Conglomerate secures tender for Haifa-Nof HaGalil-Nazareth line; Transportation Minister Regev hails ...View More

After Moody's, Fitch downgrades Israel's credit rating

Two weeks after Moody's lowered Israel's credit rating to A2 for the first time, American credit rat ...View More

Smart glasses and phones slow reading and gait, Israeli research shows

Experts find walking and reading through smart glasses decreases walking speed by 20%, as well as wa ...View More

Major Israeli banks to pay millions in fines due to poor service

Bnak Leumi and Bank Hapoalim each have to pay NIS 1 million, Isracard must pay  ...View More

International operation tales down dangerous Lockbit cybercrime gang

Law enforcement from 11 countries join in operation against cybergang collecting $120 million in ran ...View More

Israeli research reveals ChatGPT weak spots, saves millions from hacking

Exclusive: Loopholes revealed by Israeli researcher could have affected millions of users of the wor ...View More

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