February 08, 2024  

TikTok officials visit Israel: 'Won't allow support of Hamas on the platform'

Michael Beckerman and Theo Bertram say dedicated team working to combat inciting content and antisem ...View More

In first, Israel will have no representative in Festival Séries Mania

Festival officials say number of applicants drastically lower due to Israel-Hamas war; Israeli broad ...View More

Irish players shun Israeli handshake in EuroBasket match

5 Irish women's national team players boycott qualifier game amid war in Gaza and ask their teammate ...View More

Hezbollah fires some 30 rockets into northern Israel

All projectiles land in unpopulated areas in vicinity of Air Force base terror group claimed to have ...View More

Cleveland helps Tel Aviv navigate the chaos

Amid a challenging season across Israeli basketball, yellow-and-blue can count  ...View More

US investigation into Israeli firm sparks concerns of economic warfare

Finkelstein Metals, employing around 60 individuals from diverse religious back ...View More

Government tense ahead of Moody's decision on Israel's credit rating

Finance Ministry officials say Israel's economy stable and appeal to credit rating agency's represen ...View More

Thousands rally in Jerusalem in call to continue Gaza war until victory

Parents of fallen IDF soldier Amit Bonzel say he wrote in his journal, 'We must finish it with a res ...View More

Medals for the 2024 Paris Olympics are made from Eiffel Tower pieces

A piece of iron taken from the Eiffel Tower is included in the 2024 Paris Olympic Games' gold,  ...View More

Report: Fighting with Israel has cost Lebanon $1.2 billion in damages

Damage to roads, agricultural land and infrastructure serve to worsen country's already poor state;  ...View More

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