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A private spacecraft en route to the moon: This week in space

A newly discovered subterranean ocean on Saturn's moon, troubles with the Mars rover, and an Israeli ...View More

Irish players stage protest during Israeli anthem at Euro qualifier

Irish U-17 women's soccer team players turn backs as Israeli national anthem plays before Euro 2024  ...View More

Tantalizing twists: how to bake the perfect yogurt marble cake

Refreshing cake, easy to prepare, marbled with raspberry and mango for the whole familiy

Now Ireland's parliament is upset that its girls soccer team has to play against Israel

Lawmakers summon president of the Football Association of Ireland, Paul Cooke, to explain why the U1 ...View More

Astronaut sets new record for most time spent in space

Here's the space news: Russian cosmonaut Oleg Kononenk spent 879 days in space, surpassing the previ ...View More

Eurovision officials say Israel's song is too political - read the lyrics for yourself

The European Broadcasting Union is considering disqualifying the song 'October Rain,' which describ ...View More

Israel's Eurovision song could get disqualified for being 'too political'

Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation says in talks with European Broadcasting Union, however, it  ...View More

It's ok to complain about little things during war, psychologists say

Kids arguing, baby wakes up at night, oldest refuses to do homework – are you grateful these are you ...View More

Use of decimal point 150 years older than historians thought

New study into writings of 15th-century Venetian merchant and astronomer finds use of decimal points ...View More

Israeli researchers join mission to divert asteroid

The Technion team employs advanced theoretical methods to conduct simulations of collisions between  ...View More

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