Trump Faces Big Rift with Pro-Lifers After Opposing Heartbeat Laws


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Former President Trump's comments on abortion laws are drawing fire from pro-lifers. 

On "Meet the Press" Sunday, host Kristen Welker pressed Trump on whether he'd sign a federal law banning abortion at 15-weeks.

The GOP frontrunner for the 2024 presidential nomination refused to commit to a number and said some Republicans need to compromise. He also criticized Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for signing a "Heartbeat Protection Act" which "prohibits abortions once the unborn child has a detectible heartbeat," somewhere around the sixth week of development.

APRIL 2023  FL Gov DeSantis Signs Heartbeat Protection Act: 'Abortion Stops a Beating Heart'

"Desanctis is willing to sign a five-week or six-week ban... I think what he did is a terrible thing and a terrible mistake," Trump said. "I think the Republicans speak very inarticulately about this subject. I watch some of them without the exceptions etc. etc. I said, other than certain parts of the country you're not going to win on this issue, but you will win on this issue when you come up with the right number of weeks because Democrats don't want to be radical on the issue, most of them, some do."

Trump said he'll negotiate a deal on the number of weeks that he claims will please Democrats and Republicans alike.

The DeSantis campaign fired back on the social media site "X", accusing Trump of "selling out conservatives" to win support from the media and the left. 

Pro-life leader Lila Rose of the group Live Action also criticized Trump's comments calling them "pathetic and unacceptable."

And columnist John Hasson says Trump is wrong about his assessment of where Democrats stand on abortion. 

Hasson posted on X, "Trump just claimed most Dems 'don't want to be radical' on abortion. In 2022, 46 Dem Senators and 219 Dem House members voted for abortion up til birth NATIONWIDE. The Women's Health Protection Act was the most radical abortion bill ever proposed."

Meanwhile, Alliance Defending Freedom's CEO Kristen Waggoner is also calling out Trump for telling NBC that heartbeat bills are a "terrible thing." 

"Laws protecting the unborn are not a 'terrible mistake.' They are the hallmark of a just and moral society. Governors who protect life should be applauded, not attacked," Waggoner said.

And a former Trump lawyer is also sounding the alarm. Jenna Ellis is now opposing his run for another term in 2024.

"I have great love and respect for him personally," Ellis said on her show on American Family Radio. "But...I simply can't support him for elected office again. Why I have chosen to distance is because of that, frankly, malignant narcissistic tendency to simply say that he's never done anything wrong."